Community Outreach

PMI and PMIMSL @ EnactUs National Exposition – April 15, 2015

EnactUs, an international non-profit organization that brings together student, academic and business leaders in using the power of entrepreneurial action to enable progress around the world, hosted its National Exposition in St. Louis. PMI being a corporate partner was able to help the event by providing volunteers from local chapter to the event. Volunteers from PMI Metro St. Louis Chapter participated at the event and judged student projects. Each team provided an Annual Report and Team Biography to the judges, before conducting a Live Presentation and answered questions from the judges.

There was a three-pronged approach to judging – Seeing Opportunity, Taking Action and Enabling Progress. Judges reported the full two days they volunteered were packed with energy. There was an immense amount of synergy inside the presentation rooms. Initial estimations suggest there were more than 400 teams, 16,000 students and more than 1,500 projects judged at this national convention.

All of the presentations addressed very serious issues, either women or minorities or elderly, even ex-convicts being integrated back into the society with adequate job training. PMI volunteers were impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit of all the students who participated in this competition. All the students had either directly or indirectly impacted a huge segment of the population that really needed care and consideration. Some of the projects are in their local communities and some are in other parts of the world.

Millennials showed they were truly making progress by way of social entrepreneurship in dealing with various social pressing issues. A few schools had mature social entrepreneur clubs, few others were still in their initial stages, either just starting off or still waiting for sponsors, nevertheless many volunteer hours were spent for a meaningful cause.

This was a great opportunity for hiring companies to see the work these students do in their communities. Their entrepreneurial skills really showed through their work. They used project management skills even if they were not aware of it. Students with either accounting or business backgrounds used a structured methodology while managing projects. Most of the projects these students do in their communities were outside of their regular school hours. That shows focus and dedication to what they do!

Kate Duncan, PMI Academic Programs Specialist, was also present at the event, and she managed the PMI Booth at the event’s Career Fair answering questions from many students who visited the booth. Later that evening, she also attended PMI Metro St. Louis chapter’s dinner event meeting other chapter members and volunteers.

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