Board of Directors


Venus Patel
Daugherty Business Solutions
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Brenda Murphy
Thomson Reuters
 email -

Vice President of Administration

Deborah Stafford
 email -

Vice President of Communications

Fredrick Gowin
Kimota Consulting
 email -

Vice President of Professional Development

Tonya S. McFadden Rivers
 email -

Vice President of Volunteers

Shaun Simms
Express Scripts
 email -

Vice President of Outreach

Ezekiel Meyer
 email -

Vice President of Membership

Cheryl Strackeljahn
Wells Fargo
 email -

Vice President of Programs

Jody Rouggly
S3 - Strategic Staffing Solutions
 email -

Director of Certifications

Peggy D. Johnson
 email -

Director of Social Media

Badhri Narayanan Chakravarthy
 email -

Director of Passive Communications

Prakash Kumar
Daugherty Business Solutions
 email -

Director of Active Communications

Paul Jimenez
Keefe Commissary Network
 email -

Director of Chapter Meetings

Michael J Neace, Sr.
 email -

Director of Sponsorships

Jim Licata
Stifel FInancial
 email -

Director of Policy and Procedure

Sheryl Mizwicki
Mercy Health
 email -

Director of Corporate Outreach

Ernest Moss, Sr.
Enterprise Holdings
 email -

Director of Academic Outreach

Tonya R Huskey
Panera LLC
 email -

Director of Community Outreach

Judith Gillis
ICF International
 email -