SSO Issues


    If you are having difficulty signing on the using Single Sign-On (SSO), You will be interested in trying these fixes.

    We have been working with PMI National regarding several issues. Most of which have resolution.

    Chapter Web Services (CWS) Tips For Login Issues

    1. If accessing CWS within a corporate environment, please try at home as  corporate firewalls could possibly block third-party cookies
    2. If unable to access CWS using a particular browser, try using another browser (for example, if you are not able to log in using IE, try Google Chrome).
    3. Log in directly through the CHAPTER SITE (for example, FIRST.  If you have already logged in to, log out of and then log in through the Chapter Site. 
    4. PLEASE NOTE: Currently, IE10 is NOT supported.

    For detailed fixes, please click the link below regarding your specific browser: