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    more than just dinner meetings: focus on alternative venues in o'fallon, il

    O'Fallon After Hours Meeting

    Wednesday, January 30

    5:30 P.M. - 7 P.M. 

    How many journals, articles, and books have you read about leadership and improving your capabilities in this key skill area?  If you are like most the number is large!  In this session we will ‘flip the script’ and focus on the Art of Followership, an equally important skillset based on our experience. Join Rob Neufelder, a Managing Director for Integrated Project Management (IPM)and Brian Donovan a Project Management Consultant as they share insights on why Followership is important and when to apply it. 

    O'Fallon Breakfast Meeting

    Thursday, February 14

    7:15 A.M. - 8:45 A.M. 

    Whether you realize it or not, you negotiate and resolve conflict every day. This session introduces you to a way of thinking about Negotiation and Conflict Resolution that will give you renewed confidence. Conflict resolution professionals work in a range of fields, including business, law, education, healthcare, and government. They act as arbitrators, mediators, facilitators, ombudsmen, and counselors. They must understand the root causes and dynamics of conflict and how to resolve disputes through reasoned negotiation. This session helps project professional develop practical models for negotiating and resolving disputes among parties with differing objectives and desires.

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