November Dinner Meeting


Have you registered for PMIMSL Dinner meeting on Wednesday 11/15?

Listen to Steven E. Baker on the enhancing leadership skills necessary to be an effective, inspiring project manager.

  • Gain a better understanding of reactive management responses that demotivate team members and distract from goal accomplishment
  • Understand the difference between managing and leading teams
  • Identify situations that will empower, strengthen and creatively influence team members
  • Implement strategies to that foster meaning
  • Creating a safe environment for inspiring creative risk, ingenuity and productivity.


Pre-dinner Panel discussion on Recruiting – Panel Discussion on increasing effectiveness of job placement. Click here to register today.  

Welcome PMIMSL New Members!

Melissa Kitchell Tricia Rose-Sandler Michael Angelica
Deborah Darris Jeff Frank Anna Knobeloch
Robert Kyle Vince Smith James Kassing
Luke Wollin Xiao Wang Sarah Brewer
Sarah Ola-Kasumu Melony Daly Colette Boss
Jodie Cales Alfred Lim Nicholas Renfrow

PMIMSL New Credential Holders

Kristina  Turpin  PMP Chelsie Niermann  PMP
Dawn Lewis  PMP Mary Farmer  PMP
Lindsey Murphy  CAPM Sarah Perdue  PMP
Rita Schultz  PMP Patrick Conaty  PMP
Sarah Detweiler  PMP Rafael Arroyo Pascal  PMP
Joanna Jackson  PMP Monita Sowell PMP
Andrew Moss PMP Gwendolyn Glovers  PMP
Cameron Young  PMI-ACP Matthew Ingram  PMI-ACP



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