1. How to Report PDUs?

Please refer to this link.

2. How and Where to Download PMBOK Guide?

Please refer to this link.

3. Where to Find Speaker's Presentation?

Please refer to this link.

4. How can I get a membership receipt?

Membership records/receipts are maintained through PMI national, and there are 2 ways for you to receive this receipt::

  • Log on to pmi.org and click on orders. You will see your membership record there and can email or print a receipt from there.
  • Contact PMI customer service and they can send one to you.


Metro St. Louis PMI Chapter Information

Q: What is the PMI?

Q. What is the Metropolitan St. Louis PMI Chapter?

Q. How long has the Metropolitan St. Louis PMI Chapter been in existence?

Q. What are the demographics of the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter membership?

Meeting Information (Visit Monthly Dinner Meetings for More Details)

Q. Do I have to be a Metropolitan St. Louis PMI chapter member to attend a meeting?

Q. Is there a fee for attending a monthly dinner meeting as a non-member?

Q. Who do I send my request for a monthly meeting attendance refund to?

Q. When are Monthly Chapter Meetings held?

Q. How many monthly meetings are held each year?

Q. When are Monthly Chapter meetings NOT held?

Q. Where are monthly chapter meetings being held?

Q. Do I have to pre-register for each monthly chapter meeting in order to attend the meeting?

Q. Why do I have to sign-in at each monthly chapter meeting?

Membership Information

Q. How do I join Metropolitan St. Louis PMI Chapter?

Q. Do I have to join PMI National in order to be a Metropolitan St. Louis PMI Chapter member?

Q. How long does it take after I join through PMI National that I am recognized as a chapter member of Metropolitan St. Louis PMI?

Q. How long is my chapter membership good for?

Q. What if I just joined Metropolitan St. Louis PMI chapter and want to receive the "Member discount" for a chapter sponsored event sooner than the 4-6 week waiting period?

Q. I am transferring from another PMI chapter to Metropolitan St. Louis PMI, how do I complete the transfer?

Q. Can I be the member of more than 1 PMI chapter?

Website (How to Access St. Louis PMI Chater Website)

Q. What is my default password and User ID when logging on to Metropolitan St. Louis PMI Chapter's website for the first time?

Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Q. I attended a past monthly chapter meeting and forgot to report my PDU information to PMI national. Where can I get past meeting information?

Q. How many PDU's may I claim for a monthly meeting?

Q. What is the Chapter code for reporting PDU's at PMI National's web site?

Q. How do I Report PDUs?

Speaking / Volunteering Information

Q. I'm interested in speaking at a dinner meeting, or I want to recommend a speaker. Who should I contact?

Q. I would like to volunteer and help out the chapter. Whom do I contact? Do I need any training or special experience?

Q: Where do I Download Speaker's Presentation from the Previous Meetings?